Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine?


Herbal Medicine is the use of plant remedies for the promotion of good health and the treatment of disease. 

It is the oldest form of medicine known. Animals will intuitively use herbal medicine. 

With the advancement of science enabling us to identify the chemical constituents within plants, we can better understand the healing powers of herbs – science is discovering why they work and confirming what our ancestors knew about the healing potential of plants.

Herbal medicine, in western countries, is usually classified as an alternative or complementary discipline nowadays, but it is still the most widely practiced form of medicine in the world. Over 80% of the world’s population rely on herbs for health (World Health Organization). The majority of pharmaceutical drugs are extracted from plant material.

Since ancient times, herbalists have been enabling people the world over to remain healthy or regain their health. The modern herbalist makes use of traditional knowledge accrued over centuries as well as modern scientific research.