Your Appointment

What to expect when you visit the clinic

For your first appointment you should allow at least one hour.
This gives us an opportunity to look at both your presenting problem as well as your general health, your past medical history from birth to the present day and your family medical history, such as conditions that tend to run in your family. I will need to know about any prescribed or over-the-counter medications or supplements you might be taking and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions. I take pulse and blood pressure readings at a first consultation and test a urine sample. Many patients see both myself and their GP.

All consultations are confidential. I will prescribe and dispense herbal medicines specifically for you. The herbal prescription will be prepared in my dispensary for you to take away with you, and I will explain how the medicine should be taken. The herbal prescription will be chosen to take account of any medications you are currently taking. 

Dietary/lifestyle advise will also be offered if appropriate.

The herbal medicine is usually a mixture of about five or six herbal tinctures (extracts of herbs in a water-alcohol base), but you may also be given herbal tea, capsules, powders or tablets. Sometimes I prescribe an external treatment such as cream, gel, lotion, oil or ointment.

A follow-up visit is usually arranged for two weeks after your first appointment, to monitor progress and if necessary make any changes to the medicine. The follow-up appointments usually take about 30 minutes and subsequent appointments are arranged as necessary to suit your individual circumstances.

The length of the treatment will depend on the nature and duration of your illness. Generally the longer someone has been unwell the longer it takes to improve their health.

No two people are alike. Therefore, prescriptions are not pre-prepared. All prescriptions are prepared specifically for each individual after the consultation.

Response to treatment is individual but most people report a greater sense of well-being as well as improvement in their condition.

Medicines are dispensed from my own dispensary.

No animal or mineral products are used in prescriptions.